At Adesa, we are more than just a company; we are your reliable partner in the complex world of accounting, taxation, and finance. With a team that boasts a diverse range of experience, spanning from 30+ years to the fresh perspectives of those with just 1+ year under their belts, we bring you a unique blend of wisdom and youthful innovation.

Our professional journey has been nothing short of remarkable, with our directors having traversed the spectrum of the industry, from working with prestigious Big 4 accounting firms to establishing their very own proprietary practice. This rich tapestry of experiences has uniquely positioned Adesa to serve clients across various sectors, from corporate giants to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

As we embarked on our professional voyage from the vibrant tier-2 city of Nashik, we faced the initial challenge of competing with accounting giants based in metropolitan cities. However, over time, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we have not only overcome this challenge but have also established a formidable presence in the realm of professional services. Today, Adesa proudly serves clients from every corner of India, all while maintaining our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch professional services.

Our journey has seen us expand our footprint to Mumbai, alongside our roots in Nashik, and we have done so with a steadfast focus on quality and precision. Along this path, our directors have handpicked a stellar core team, which includes Chartered Accountants and Lawyers of the highest caliber.

What truly sets Adesa apart is our ability to tailor our services to precisely match the unique needs and requirements of our clients. It’s this commitment to customization that distinguishes us in the industry. Our core team has not only navigated the complexities of accounting and finance but has also successfully served clients across diverse sectors, including Real Estate, Infrastructure, Logistics, Pharma, Technology, Banking, NBFCs, Telecom, Start-ups, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Textile, Retail, and more.

Our repertoire extends beyond traditional services; we offer comprehensive advisory, government representation, training, seminars, and steadfast support for startups. Today, Adesa is perfectly poised to provide a wide array of services, all underscored by our commitment to professionalism, excellence, and your success.

At Adesa, we don’t just crunch numbers; we illuminate pathways to success, and we invite you to embark on this journey with us. Trust us to be your partner in prosperity. Welcome to Adesa, where your financial aspirations find their true North.

Our Core

A – Augment Client’s Business Value

D – Deliver Pragmatic Solutions

E – Embrace Ethical Conduct

S – Showcase Subject Expertise

A – Adopt A Holistic Approach


To provide timely, top-notch professional services encompassing a holistic approach, tailored to meet the unique requirements of corporations, MSMEs, and individuals within our specialized domains of expertise.


Our mission is to deliver pragmatic business solutions that optimize processes and elevate the quality of life for both individuals and enterprises.

100+ Compliances

for GST handled Annually


Clients Served in 30+ Years


Projects Managed

75+ Seminars

on Indian GST, RERA, Income Tax and UAE VAT

  • 7000+ Participants Benefited from Seminars/Trainings
  • 15+ Cities Hosted Seminars/Trainings
  • 10+ Professional Associations Engaged
  • 2+ Training Sessions for Government Officials
  • 120+ Monthly GST Compliances Managed
  • 100+ Annual GST Compliances Handled
  • 200+ Projects Managed
  • 50+ RERA Registrations and Compliances
  • 5+ Listed Companies/MNCs as Clients
  • 40+ Employees Across Teams
  • 8+ CAs/Advocates in Our Expertise Pool
  • 10+ Representations to Governmental Authorities on issues for Real Estate and Logistics Sector covering GST and RERA
  • 1000+ Clients Served in 30+ Years
  • International Office Management Expertise